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Bitwave Raises $7.25 Million in Latest Seed Financing Round

Complete decentralized finance and digital asset management platform for enterprise Bitwave announced having raised $7.25 million from its latest seed financing round.

This seed financing round was led by high ranking venture capital firms including Nima Capital, Acra, Nascent and Blockchain Capital.

Bitwave is largely known for providing services such as solving cryptocurrency and decentralized financing accounting and tax tracking. The company’s chief executive officer, Pat White, says their platform is currently being used by more than 30 companies.

The next two to three years is all about the Fortune 500 companies. We’re going from the crypto-native companies, power generators and people on the front edge of the curve to publicly-traded customers,” added the CEO.

The chief executive said proceeds from the financing round will be used to expand the company’s labor workforce of 10 employees and also expand its advertising and outreach activities.

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