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Goldman Sachs is Examining Tokenization of Real Assets

United States based investment bank and financial service provider Goldman Sachs Inc. (GS) announced that its exploring non-fungible tokens (NFTs) more specifically the ‘tokenization of real assets’ as it seeks to penetrate the blockchain industry deeper.

“We are actually exploring NFTs in the context of financial instruments, and actually there the power is actually quite powerful. So we work on a number of things,” said global head of digital assets at Goldman Sachs, Mathew McDermott, during Financial Times Crypto and Digital Assets Summit held on April 27.

The metaverse is a space where real world assets like real estate are bought and sold additionally, NFTs have been attracting the attention notable names in the financial sector and a range of other industries which have been expressing their interest in the industry.

Goldman Sachs has been taking huge steps into the crypto industry, last year, the bank started offering crypto derivatives to investors. Last month the bank carried out its first over-the-counter crypto trade with digital asset financial company Galaxy Digital.

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