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Ledger Unveils Crypto Linked Debit Card Dubbed ‘Crypto Life Card’

Developer of hardware technology which provides the highest level of security for crypto assets Ledger has launched a crypto debit card named ‘Crypto Life Card’. In a press release, the company said users of this card will be able to pay using crypto to over 50 million retailers and online stores.

This is the latest move by crypto companies which are seeking to address the increasing demand of using crypto as a medium of exchange rather than just a store of value. The company made this announcement on December 9.

Users of this card will be allowed to open a line of credit to get cash to spend on the card using crypto as their security the lending rates will start from 0% however, the company says, this will be dependent on the region a user is coming from.

The company said in the first quarter next year, the card will be available to customers in the United States, France, Germany and Britain. A wait list is now open to obtain the card. The Crypto Life Card will initially support BTC, ETH, USDT, BXX, LTC, BCH, EURT and XRP.

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