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The Founder of Azuki NFT Admits Abandoning Past Projects

The pseudonymous founder of the popular Azuki non-fungible token (NFT) who uses the twitter name ZAGABOND, revealed that he has had a history of abandoning projects. He made this revelation through twitter on May 9.

In a blog post, Zagabond compiled his NFT history which included his involvement with the projects Cryptophunks, Tendies and Cryptozunks of which were all abandoned by their original founding team.

Following this revelation, one twitter user @sobylife asked that ‘did the azuki founder just basically admit to founding and abandoning 3 prjects within a year?’

Zagabond however attributes the success of Azuki to learning from the other failed projects since each experiment comes with key learning.

During these formative times, it’s important that the community encourages creators to innovate and experiment,” tweeted Zagabond.

This revelation was met with a backlash by the NFT Twitter community which the vast majority was hoping the information was going to be made public by way of on-chain sleuthing.

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