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VanEck Launches its First NFT Collection

Global investment manager offering active and passive strategies with compelling exposures supported by well-designed investment processes VanEck has launched its first collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) dubbed The VanEck Community NFT.

The VanEck Community NFT comprises of 1,000 tokens divided into several levels of rarity that each confer access to benefits such as early access to the company’s digital asset research and invitations to in-person and virtual events.

Since each NFT in the VanEck Community NFT is unique and scarce in their own right, the use of this NFT allows us to build an exclusive community where members who hold said NFT are invited to experiences and events where they can network with like-minded investors and crypto enthusiasts,” said the sales manager at VanEck, Matthew Bartlett.

Those who will sign up for the NFT collection, will receive their NF through airdrop on the week of May 2. At the end of the month the NFT will evolve into an avatar with unique traits that will allow for exclusive access to VanEck content.

The Ethereum based NFT collection will be revolving around a series of memes featuring a character modeled after Alexander Hamilton, the first United States Treasury secretary named ‘Hammy’, the project will be centered around is exploration in the finance world.

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